In this handbook, you will find the answers to many questions. You will gain knowledge that will help you to be supportive without doing everything for your cadet. 


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Parent Core support at the Capital Airshow, Mather 2021



      The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies heavily on parents to support the efforts of volunteer officers and instructors working with their children. With this in mind, parents should:

•    Treat their cadet(s) as though they are already leaders and encourage them to advocate for themselves, to allow them to grow in an      atmosphere of wise freedom
•    Encourage their cadet(s) to be respectful of officers and adult volunteers
•    Praise their cadet(s) for his or her accomplishments
•    Remind their cadet(s) to listen to and obey instructions
•    Be punctual in dropping off and picking up their cadet(s) from USNSCC functions 

•    Do you have expertise in an area of skill the unit may need? Offer the unit assistance or your expertise

•    Donate snacks or water for events
•    Help foster friendships with other parents and cadets



      Our unit sends announcements through email and through the member side of our Sacramento Sea Cadets unit website ( To gain access to the member side of the website, you must be a current member or a parent/guardian of the Sacramento Division/TS California unit. 


The member side of the website is where you will find details for upcoming events such as drills, community service, color guard, ceremonies, etc. You will find maps, time, location, and uniform required for any given event.


The creation of a personalized [with the first initial or name and last name] Gmail account solely for the program is one of the first active requirements for a new cadet. This email address along with the parent/guardian email address(es) is the email that will be used for some trainings, announcements, questions, administrative needs, etc. The cadet is expected to check this Gmail account daily.



      Not all activities or events are permitted for parent attendance, however, we do have events parent support is permitted. Parents who are a part of our "Parent Core" (Group) can assist in selected community service events, taking pictures (photography) at events, or contributing in the Admin office (with tasks such as helping prepare awards). The main purpose of the Parent Core is to support the unit as a whole.